Squirrel Notes Issue #40

This issue was published on Monday, January 6, 2020.

Gartner Ending WCM Category: Gartner is ending their Magic Quadrant ranking for web content management.

There's no link for this, because I don't think there's been a public announcement – just an email to all their customers, which was quickly backchanneled.

Here's their reasoning:

[...] the WCM market has reached its maturity with products becoming more homogenized. Additionally, Gartner client demand has been shifting from WCM to the broader scope of DXP (Digital Experience Platforms).

Clearly, that's a debatable point.

Additionally, what is to become of the vendors who don't compete in the “digital experience” space, like the headless vendors? A few people have commented to me that a "headless-ish" category (“content as a service,” perhaps) is coming from Gartner, which would reinforce the dichotomy between content management and ... well, everything else.


Oracle Staffs Up for their Headless Product: Oracle has been making some moves to bolster their Oracle CX Content platform. Specifically, two high-profile hires:

  • Preston So, most recently with GatsbyJS and before that, the Director of Research at Acquia
  • Mark Grannan, Senior Analyst for WCM(-ish) at Forrester

Mark wrote a short blog post about his decision.

I believe I am catching Oracle CX on the upswing. For the past few years, the CX Cloud group has been on a tear with acquisitions, organic product launches, new branding, and new go-to-market strategies.

Time will tell, but those are high profile people, so Oracle must have a renewed focus here.


CMS Chapters in the Web Project Guide: I've been talking about the Web Project Guide for a while, but we published three chapters that speak quite directly to the technical and business aspects of CMS:

Also, we changed the About page to pay homage to Sam Otis, who has been the designer/illustrator for the entire project. Sam has done some amazing original artwork over the last eight months.

Sixteen chapters out of 26 total has us on track to finish up in May or June.


Microbrowser Article: I enjoyed this article about "microbrowsers," which are channels that consume just the Open Graph or meta information from URLs you publish.

Clearly, this is becoming wildly important on social media. What your Open Graph data renders into those channels has a huge impact on consumption.

I'm curious about CMS support in this space. What CMSs will provide explicit support, like Open Graph schemas and built-in preview? Has this reached a point of standardization where it's a commodity channel that vendors need to start accounting for?


Acquia Acquires AgileOne: Acquia made a significant acquisition in the Customer Data Platform space by picking up AgilOne. This was Acquia's largest-ever acquisition.

Eric Fullerton made a blog post in an attempt to counter some (expected) market push-back:

[...] we have seen a couple of less-than-positive takes on this news. While we value everyone’s opinion and appreciate healthy competition just as much as anyone, it is our responsibility to set the record straight on a few inaccurate statements we’ve seen

The three myths Eric seeks to bust are:

  1. Acquia is a services company.
  2. Acquia will “hack up” our products and the result will be "a frankenstack"
  3. Standalone product offerings will go away.

If you have no idea what a CDP is, or why it matters, then consider my blog post from 2019: Content, Campaigns, and Context: Why CDPs Are Having a Moment