Squirrel Notes Episerver Acquires Idio

This note was published in Issue #38 of Squirrel Notes on Friday, November 22, 2019

Episerver Acquires Idio: Episerver and Insight Partners made a major acquisition in Idio, a London-based content recommendation company.

Episerver Acquires Idio

There was a strong emphasis on content personalization at [Episerver's conference], and that's Idio's strong suit, although it's main market has been in B2B. Episerver has a broader base of commerce customers, and one question is whether there's enough digital maturity in that segment to leverage Idio's 1:1 solution.

Idio uses AI/ML to recommend content based on a user's past consumption and other users' journey's through content. The goal is clearly increased conversions, but also the surfacing of poorly-utilized content in large repositories.