Chapter 15 Where CMS is Going


This chapter will look into the future and discuss the ways in which the CMS industry might evolve..

  • What role will decoupled systems play over the next few years?
  • What effect are the entry level SaaS vendors having on the market?
  • Is the balance between the management and marketing of content going to tip either way?
  • What is “content middleware”?
  • What is the future of new open source projects?

On how distributed content intake might be the next big step to making the CMS more of a delivery hub.

Organizations might [...] begin to distribute their content management, having multiple systems internally but one external CMS that delivers all content. Internal blog authors, for example, might write their posts on a private WordPress installation which then pushes content into a more robust marketing CMS for delivery.

To date, the default assumption of a CMS vendor is that all content will begin life in the CMS itself. This will start to change, as vendors begin to realize and adapt to the fact that other platforms are handling the editorial process with more focus and functionality.