Chapter 14 Working with External Integrators


This chapter will discuss the dynamics of working with an external content integration team.

  • When and why should we engage with an external team over my own internal developers?

  • What type of agreement and documentation will we see from the integrator?

  • What are the different ways in which my project might be priced?

  • How can we be a “good” client?

  • What are our responsibilities during the implementation?


On the most difficult part of your relationship with the integration firm.

Without question, the hardest problem for an integrator is defining the scope of the project. You and the vendor have to come to some agreement about the work that has to be done. This is harder than you might think.

You know what you want. Your website is already built in your head. You have a vision of what the final product looks like. The integrator doesn't share this vision. They can't read your mind.

Furthermore, if you haven't integrated this particular CMS before, you are very likely making assumptions about how it works. You assume that Feature X works in some particular way, or perhaps you don't know how it works, but you assume that for the amount of money you paid, you should certainly be able to achieve Result X through some method.