Chapter 12 The CMS Implementation


This chapter will explain the dynamics of actually implementing a CMS to manage a website.

  • How do we develop a technical plan?

  • What are the questions we need to ask of every wireframe?

  • What can Mike Tyson teach me about project planning?

  • How do the editors influence implementation decisions?

  • Why does the development team always need to work with actual content?


On the inveitable frustration of content reconciliation.

It can be a tricky phase to reconcile the installation and its content between all developers working on the project. One of the perennial questions is how to handle the database that powers most CMS. Does every developer keep their own copy of the database, or do all the developers talk to a central database? And which databases do the integration and test servers work with–their own, or a central version?

If each developer has a copy of the database, they're free to work knowing that their changes won't affect other developers. However, multiple database copies mean that everyone is working from a different copy of the content, and code changes requiring accompanying data changes might require these changes to be replicated on multiple versions of the database. Code might be deployed that breaks other developers' installations because the accompanying data changes haven't been made on their copy of the databases.