Chapter 5 Feature Analysis


This chapter will discuss feature analysis from an overhead view and explain why it's not an exact science and never will be.

  • Why can't a CMS be evaluated based a single, globally-objective standard?

  • Why are we attracted to complexity and why do we look down on simplicity?

  • Why might a specific, amazing feature not actually fix our problems?

  • What is the simplest method of system analysis?

  • Why do CMS vendors try to cram everything into their products?


On why none of this is easy.

Mathematics is a very objective science. You're not going to get much argument about the answer to two plus two. There is a Grand Unified Theory of Basic Math that has been accepted and perfected over millennia about how math works. This truth is something that mathematicians can remove from debate.

Content management is not like this. There is no Grand Unified Theory of Content Management. You can pose an architectural question to five different bonafide experts and get five different answers (maybe six), all of which would serve to solve the problem posed by the question and can thus be considered “correct” to some extent