Chapter 4 The CMS Team


This chapter will identify the roles on the CMS team and explain what each of them does, how they interact with the CMS, and how they might overlap.

  • What different types of IT resources will come in contact with our CMS?

  • How do content strategists and designers play into a continuing CMS project?

  • How are all editors not created equal?

  • How do C-level executives relate to the project team?

  • We have a limited number of staff – who is going to do all this stuff?


On why you shouldn't panic if you don't have someone for everything described in the chapter.

These labels are roles, not people. It might be discouraging to look the list in this chapter and think that your project is somehow deficient because you don't have all these people milling about. However, understand that the lines between the roles are not absolute, and it would be rare to see a project where every single role described below is staffed by a separate person.

Members of the team usually always fill multiple roles, and commonly overlapping roles will be noted in each section. In the meantime, just know that for a very small project, the entire team might consist of a single developer and a single editor (and developer hobby projects might be an entirely one-person show).