Chapter 3 Acquiring a CMS


This chapter will discuss the four major ways of acquiring a CMS and the pros, cons, and pitfalls of each.

  • Should we pick open source over commercial?

  • What benefits does a SaaS vendor provide?

  • What is software subscription and why do we have to pay it?

  • What's stopping us from just building our own CMS?

  • Why is every CMS vendor trying to sell us continuing services?


On the differences between open source and commercial options, and how they might be targeting different problems and audiences.

[...] in the last five years, there has also been a distinct separation between open source and commercial CMS along the lines of marketing features. While the open source development community is obsessed with solving problems of content management, the commercial world has moved on to content marketing, which are the tools and features that help enhance your content once it's published.

It's been said that open source CMS is made for the CIO (Chief Information Offer), while commercial CMS is made for the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). This largely holds true in how the systems are marketed, with the commercial sector concentrating their selling solely on the marketing departments of their customers, while open source is more interested in trying to capture the hearts and minds of the IT staff.