Chapter 2 Points of Comparison


This chapter will examine several CMS concepts which exist on a spectrum or range. We'll look at the extremes of each axis to try and draw boundaries around different facets of industry and the discipline.

  • What's the difference between a platform and a product?

  • Do different technology stacks matter and why?

  • How is user generated content different than other content?

  • How does code differ from content?

  • What is technical debt, and why does getting something quickly not always mean it was done right?


On the difference between management and delivery.

Management is about security, control, and efficiency. It's composed of functionality like content modeling, permissions, versioning, and workflow. These are features that ease the creation of content, enable editorial collaboration, and keep content secure.

Delivery is about optimization and performance. The features involved during delivery depend highly on the capabilities of the CMS. These capabilities are currently evolving quickly in the marketplace. Until recently, delivery simply meant making content available at a public location. Today, the modern CMS is highly concerned with the performance and optimization of the content it delivers.