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This issue was published on Thursday, January 18, 2018.

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Non-sequiturs from the world of content management.

Migration Support as a Marketing Trend. I've seen two systems lately with explicit migration support, which could be the Next Big Thing in CMS marketing. We just did a project with Drupal Migrate, and it was quite well done. And I noticed that Contentful has a migration CLI package now. In the era of feature parity, is this a new way to grow your customer base — by promoting toolkits that make it easier to switch? Do you know of other system pushing this angle?

Headless CMS Marches On. It's time to admit that headless CMS has legs (OMG, the jokes just write themselves...). I know of a significant on-prem vendor about to shift to "hybrid-headless" by blending their on-premise system with a headless repository, so it becomes part-cloud/part on-prem, which mirrors the trend toward subscription. I've seen this on the roadmap for Evoq and I'm waiting to see Kentico Cloud integrate with their on-prem system.

A few months back, I did a review of the state of the headless market, which is still valid but could likely be widely expanded by now, as the market is almost tripping over itself in a headlong (ha!) rush.

Pluralsight CMS Training. I have a subscription to Pluralsight, which is a video training service. I've come to enjoy watching CMS training videos in the evening. For example, I've gone through the Authoring and Developer Fundamentals courses for Adobe Experience Manager. It's a great way to learn about systems, theories, and paradigms you haven't considered before.

CMS on Reddit. I'm one of the moderators of the CMS subreddit: /r/cms (admit it: you didn't even know there was a CMS subreddit). It doesn't get a massive amount of postings, and most are about open-source systems in the sub-mid market, but I see some things there that I don't see in other places. I've learned about a lot of new tools and systems. Come join us.

Whither the CMS Conference? I still feel there isn't a technical CMS conference, by which I mean a content conference that's (1) not a specific vendor/platform conference, and (2) not primarily about CS, IA, or marketing.

For years, Gilbane was the CMS conference of record, and for a time, we had CMS Expo that had a technical bent, but both have either been canceled or fallen off precipitously. Confab is coming up, and it tilts towards the backend content strategy that tends to crossover into CMS. Still, I await the return of a technical CMS conference, whatever that might be. Do you know of one that I don't?